Accounts Receivable Analysis

General overview

 The Accounts Receivable Analysis template is an efficient tool to evaluate a company’s Debtors and Accounts Receivable. The model analyzes and evaluates how effective and reliable a company’s debt collection is.

The report helps businesses to identify invoices that are open and allow them to keep on top of slow paying clients.

To identify the average age of receivables and identify potential losses from clients, businesses regularly prepare the accounts receivable aging report. This allows them to collect these bills as soon as possible to move the money into the bank account

With this Accounts Receivable Analysis, you will be able to analyze Receivables by individual debtors and overdue periods; input data easily from your accounting system & calculate the expected amount of Accounts Receivable

The template can be maximized as much as needed

Key inputs in the green tabs

  •  Update the general info the orange tab
  • Enter the customer info in the “Customer Database” sheet, fill only the green cells
  • All cells in green are input cells
  • You can find the green cells in the green tabs only
  • You can read the instruction in the light blue tab

Key outcome in the dark blue tabs             

  • Aging by invoice
  • Aging by customers
  • DSO by customer
  • YTD sales by customer
  • Flash report and dashboard

Conclusion and customization

Highly versatile, very sophisticated financial template and friendly user

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