Cash Flow Projection for Project Contracting

General overview

 The importance of steady fund income is crucial in construction projects. Cash flow can procure material, pay salaries, fund new projects, and finance other functions of the companies’ day to day operations. … This can be catastrophic for a project in terms of time and money

The cash flow in contracting project is more complicated than any other industries because of the many finance elements such as advance payment, retention, performance bond etc., …

The model helps the user to project the cash flow for the total period and identify when the project will face cash flow deficit in order to cover the deficit from banks or third party to keep the operation going on and avoid losing time and money


  • Update the general info in the Front Page
  • Fill the green cells in the “Input Data” sheet



  • Cash inflow from invoices
  • Cash inflow from advance payment
  • Cash inflow from retention
  • Cash outflow from different expenses
  • Net cash balance


Conclusion and customization

 Highly versatile, very sophisticated financial template and friendly user

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