Inventory List with Reorder Level

General overview

 A company’s inventory is one of its most valuable assets. In retail, manufacturing, food service, and other inventory-intensive sectors, a company’s inputs and finished products are the core of its business. A shortage of inventory when and where it’s needed can be extremely detrimental

The template will help to manage the inventory including aspects such as controlling and overseeing purchases in accordance with stock level, maintaining the storage of stock, controlling the amount of product for sale, and other fulfillment

For all these reasons, the template is important for all businesses of any size

The template can be maximized as much as needed


  • Update the general info in the Front Page
  • Enter the data in the “Inventory List” sheet, under column B,C,D,E,F,H,J
  • In the “Inventory List” sheet you can select the discontinued item from the dropdown list under column K


  •  Inventory value
  •  Reordering quantities
  •  Inventory control

Conclusion and customization

Highly versatile, very sophisticated financial template and friendly user

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