Profit & Loss Statement Actual vs Budget & Previous Year



This model is profit and loss statement for general trading including comparison for the current month, year to date and full year by choosing the selection boxes in P&L Trend sheet below column O to identify the fiscal year and the current month

All the data should be entered in the in the green cells only to dynamically flow into P&L Trend and P&L comparison sheet

After you fill the green cells you will get the following below:

  • Income statement by month
  • Actual vs Budget for the current month
  • Actual vs LYSP (Last year same period) for the current month
  • Actual vs Budget YTD
  • Actual vs LYSP YTD
  • Actual vs Budget FY (Full year)
  • Actual vs LYSP (Last year same period) for the full year
  • Income statement for current year and last year

You can find the full instruction in the instruction sheet

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